3 Mistakes You Might Make on an Interstate Move

Moving homes is a complex process that demands careful planning and execution, especially when you're moving between states. This article discusses three tips homeowners often forget that mean the difference between a hassle-free move and a stressful experience. 1. Not budgeting for the move Moving across states is significantly more expensive than moving within the same town or city. Therefore, it's important to contact moving companies to get quotes as soon as you find out about the move (hopefully you have a few months' notice). Read More 

Frequently Used Self Storage Units: 3 Tips on How to Organize Your Belongings

It's not unusual for more and more Australians to rent out self storage units. With as many as 1,200 self storage facilities all across the nation, you have a lot of options to choose from. Regardless of which facility you choose to go with, you will only make the best use of the space that you've rented if you know how to organize your belongings. Here are three tips to help you get started. Read More 

Two ways to protect your furniture during a house move

If you are moving house, you should take precautions to prevent your chairs, tables, sofas and other furniture items from being damaged, so that you don't have to repair or replace them at the end of this process. Here are two ways to do this. Use professional furniture removalists Moving house is an expensive process. Given this, you might find yourself feeling tempted to hire a van and transport your belongings yourself, in order to avoid incurring the expenses associated with using a removals company. Read More 

Two Pointers To Consider Before You Store Unused Computer Equipment

The electronic needs of a business increase and decrease depending on the staff levels at a particular point in time. As a business owner with limited office space, it makes sense to place excess computer equipment into storage. Storing unused equipment declutters the look of the office without leaving you exposed to the cost of buying new units when new staff join your firm. Before you begin moving your computer equipment over to a commercial storage facility, make sure you follow these two tips so your computers are in good working order after their time away from the office. Read More 

3 Important Points for Moving Delicate Household Items

Moving homes can be very exciting, but it does come without its hassles and can be very exhausting. There are many variables to consider in order to execute a successful move, whether you're doing it yourself or using a moving company. The latter, of course, provides less hassle and can help to ensure a safer, more efficient move than the former. Tough furniture items like outdoor furniture can be loaded onto a moving truck as are, but you need extra caution for your delicate valuables if you want to hold on to them. Read More