3 Security Measures When You Are Moving Highly Valuable Items

There are many firms that offer moving services in Sydney. However, when the items to be transported are highly valuable, there is a need for extra care to be taken by these companies. Examples of valuable items include jewellery such as gold or diamond, antique paintings and unique pieces of art. Based on the high risk involved, clients will readily pay an additional amount to removalists to ensure the safety of their goods. Below are several security measures that you can adopt when transporting highly valuable items:

Hire a police escort

You can never go wrong when you hire a police escort. This is because they are armed and very few people can attempt to steal your items in the presence of the police. You are therefore guaranteed that your items will be safely transported to their destination within Sydney. The items are then placed inside a movers truck and transported in a convoy with either police cars or motorcycles at the front and rear. The charges for escort services depends on the number of police officers needed and the duration of the whole assignment.

Use an armored truck

There are security companies in Sydney that have specialized in moving such goods. Instead of seeking the services of armed police officers, security guards from these companies are licenced to have guns and use armored trucks. The armored truck will pick your valuables wherever they are and deliver them securely to your destination. The benefit of using armored trucks is that you can track the movement of your valuables in real time. In case of any eventuality, a backup will be sent to provide additional security. This enhances the security of your items and ensures that they are safely delivered.

Transport them in small batches

Regardless of which security you use, transporting all your valuables in one trip is very risky. The presence of jewellery like gold or diamonds in your home makes you a target. Criminals can then monitor your movement and launch an attack during transportation. However, when you divide and transport them in separate batches, you distribute the risk of losing everything.

When transporting valuables, it is safer not to inform anyone about your plans. Information such as the destination, date of movement and the routes to be followed increases the level of risk associated with the movement. To avoid any stress, contract the services of a removalist with the experience of moving such goods.