4 Questions To Ask Your Storage Company

Most people take a casual approach to the storage unit rental process. In most cases, they forget to vet the storage company to determine the rental conditions. The excerpt below lists several questions to help you vet the suitability of your storage company. 

1. What Is the Condition Of The Storage Unit? 

As a client, you lack the expertise to assess the unit's condition. Therefore, ask the storage professional to help you inspect the unit before you store your items. Look out for cracks along the walls that could help pests gain access to the unit. Moreover, check the roof for cracks that could predispose your items to water and weather damage. Is the climate unit functional? Do the doors have a proper working mechanism? Are the shelves tightly screwed? Does the unit have a working alarm system? Do the lights work? These assessments help you choose a suitable unit. 

2. What Can One Store In The Unit? 

Most people assume that they can store anything in the storage unit. However, this is not the case. Consult with the storage company to establish the prohibited items. For instance, the storage company could restrict you from storing ammunition, food substances, stolen or illegal goods, corrosive chemicals, drugs, and pets inside the unit. Inform the company if you intend to store these items. In most cases, the company conducts a thorough analysis to ensure the items do not damage the storage unit or cause legal problems with enforcement agencies. 

3. Can Clients Upgrade Or Downgrade Their Units? 

Your storage needs could change over time. For example, you could need a larger unit during the summer months to store your winter gear. Alternatively, might want to downsize the unit after disposing of some of your items. The general principle is ensuring the storage company allows clients to downsize or upgrade their units. Inquire how this affects the storage contract. For instance, will you get cash back if you downgrade? It helps prevent future disputes. 

4. Do You Have Insurance Coverage? 

Most clients overlook the need for insurance when renting a storage unit. However, unfortunate events such as flooding or theft could lead to lost or damaged items. Inquire about the type of coverage the storage facility has. Ideally, it should cover your items against theft and natural disasters. The storage provider could also advise whether you need additional insurance. For example, it comes in handy if you plan to store valuables and antiques in the unit. 

For more info about storage, contact a local company.