Your Checklist for Moving Day

Everyone knows that no matter how exciting the prospect of moving into your new home may be, it is a stressful time. Not only are there some emotions to overcome, but there are also a million things to do – often at the last moment. Therefore, the best thing you can do is prepare as much as you can in advance. The first step should be to find a professional moving team you can rely on. Read More 

Why Your Couch Will Appreciate Climate Controlled Self Storage

If you actually think about the daily use a couch receives, you start to get an idea of how durable it has to be. It supports the weight of multiple people on a daily basis, for many hours at a time (those Netflix binges take up quite a bit of time, after all). Its upholstery can handle sweat and the occasional spill, and while it might need to be cleaned every now and then, it bounces back easily enough. Read More 

Packing for your house move

Packing for a house move can seem like a lot of effort, especially if you've been in your current home for a long time. Starting your preparations early and packing effectively can help take some of the stress out of the experience. One of the most effective things you can do to reduce the stress of packing is to break the project down into a number of smaller tasks. Use this guide to help you plan your packing. Read More 

Three tips that people with epilepsy should remember when moving house

If you are an epileptic who has seizures quite often, then the following advice may help you when you are moving house. Implement a stress-reduction plan during the days leading up the move A house move is one of the most stressful and tiring experiences a person can go through. Unfortunately, many people who have epilepsy find that their seizures are triggered by stress and exhaustion. If this is the case for you and you want to minimise your chances of having a seizure whilst moving, you must take measures to remain relaxed, calm and well-rested in the days leading up to the move. Read More 

The Heart of the Home: Packing Up Your Kitchen for Moving

Is packing up your kitchen the most time-consuming part of moving house? Just think about all the individual items that need to be gotten ready, packed or thrown away. The time involved means that this is the room you will need to get started with well in advance of moving. It's said the kitchen can be the heart of a home, and this heart needs due care. So what are some of the things you'll need to know to efficiently pack the contents of your kitchen? Read More