Self Removals Guide: Top Tips When Hiring a Removals Van

Would you want to move your home? If you do not have a lot of items, you could save removal costs by hiring a removals van. Unlike a conventional move, you will not have a removalist to pack and load your items. In this guide, you will learn how to execute self-removals using a removals van. 

Always Work With Reputable Removal Companies

Check the internet or consult with friends to identify removalists that hire out their removal vans. You must understand the terms of hire. For instance: 

  • The removalist will expect you to provide your driver's licence to ensure that you can drive the removals truck.
  • Some removalists operate within a specific locality. Therefore, inquire whether your new premises are within the removalist's operating routes.
  • Inquire about the removalist's liability policy. Typically, you will have to pay for repairs if you damage the van.
  • If you intend to move at night, check whether the removalist allows clients to use the van past working hours. 

Inspect the removals van to ensure it is in perfect mechanical condition. Remember, worn-out tires, engine and cooling system problems could complicate your move. Additionally, identify body damages before leaving the removalist's premises. 

Examine the Pricing

Check the pricing strategies of a few removal companies to understand the current industry rates. As a rule, you must avoid extra charges and penalties. For instance, you should clean the removals van and return it at the specified time. If you intend to change the route, inform the removalist in advance. Most removalists will give a discount to customers that make an early booking. They could also offer additional discounts to students, senior adults or veterans. 

Use Efficient Packing Tips

The downside of a self-move is that you will not have the removalist to help out with packing and loading. However, you could ease the process by hiring furniture removal equipment such as straps, dollies and trollies. Use blankets and bubble wrap to protect electronics and fragile appliances from physical damage during the move. Wrap your utensils with newspapers to prevent breakages once you put them in the cartons. 

Plan Out Your Moving Day

If the removalist charges per hour, you should pack your items before picking the removals truck. Additionally, you should choose the shortest route to your new premises. If you will move for long distances then avoid routes with bad roads and poor weather.

When hiring a removals van, work with reputable removalists, check the pricing and observe the recommended packing and execution tips. Remember to take an appropriate removals insurance cover.