Your Checklist for Moving Day

Everyone knows that no matter how exciting the prospect of moving into your new home may be, it is a stressful time. Not only are there some emotions to overcome, but there are also a million things to do – often at the last moment. Therefore, the best thing you can do is prepare as much as you can in advance. The first step should be to find a professional moving team you can rely on. Removal experts will take a lot of the strain off your shoulders, but they can never handle all aspects of a move. What things should be on your checklist?

Prepare Your Belongings

When moving, you cannot pack up everything. Some things still need to be used right up until the morning of your move – such as your bed, for example. Your moving team will be able to help you with these on the day of the move. However, all of your other items should be stored in crates and ready to be picked up. Typical cardboard boxes are not as robust as moving crates, and your moving service may be able to supply you with them in advance. Remember to mark on each crate which room it should be placed in on arrival.

Read Your Utility Meters

On the morning of your move, you should record exactly what your gas and electricity meters are reading. This will give your suppliers a final amount to invoice you for before the people moving in can set up their new account. If you don't do this, then you could end up paying for their power until you resolve the issue. The simplest thing to do to prove the accuracy of your reading is to take a picture of your meter using your smartphone.

Hire Cleaners

Most people want to leave their former property in good condition, especially if they have been renting and want their deposit back. If that applies to you, then have a cleaning service come in to do this work. You probably won't have time on moving day, and even if you did, then your cleaning products would probably already be in transit with your moving professionals.

Update Your Address

You need to inform friends and family of how and where to contact you. However, these are not the only people you need to keep updated. The Australian Taxation Office should be informed of your new address as well. You will also want to cancel or update any service providers who come to your old address, such as magazine subscriptions or pool cleaners.

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