How to Manage Clothes Storage When Moving in With Your Boyfriend

Taking the next step in your relationship and deciding to move in with your boyfriend is exciting. It can also be a logistical nightmare if you're short on space and have a lot of clothes. Whether you're moving into his place or getting a place together, you both have to make compromises on space and storage.

If you're a clothesaholic, then this can be a real problem. You may have to share a small amount of wardrobe and clothes-storage space. Even if your boyfriend doesn't need much space for his own stuff, you may not have as much room for your clothes as you're used to.

Hiring a storage unit may help you avoid arguments and prevent you cluttering up your first home together. How can you make this work?

Store Stuff You Don't Use Every Day

Some people hire storage units to give a home to things they don't need to use every day. For example, if you have a lot of posh dresses, shoes, bags and coats that you only wear every now and then for big occasions, then you could put these items in storage. You can easily pop into your storage site if you do need to pick up something to wear.

Store Clothes By Season

If you don't have a lot of clothes or shoes that you use infrequently, then you could use a storage unit to store your stuff on a seasonal basis. Here, you divide your wardrobe into seasons, say winter and summer, and store what you aren't wearing at any particular time of the year.

So, for example, if it's summer now, then you won't wear sweaters, heavy coats, boots, sturdy shoes and warm trousers or skirts at the moment. All of these items can go in a storage unit. This leaves the wardrobe space you do have free for the clothes you're currently using.

Then, when the weather starts to cool down and it's too cold for summer dresses, shorts and t-shirts, you can put your summer clothes into your storage unit and take out your winter gear. Your unit effectively gives you an extra wardrobe space and helps keep your home uncluttered.

In either case, it's a good idea to pick a storage unit that is close to home. This means that you can pick stuff up and drop it off quickly. There may be times when you need an item of clothing at short notice, so a local storage site may be the most convenient option.