Tips for keeping your antique furniture safe during storage

Antique furniture acts as a centrepiece to any room. By virtue of their age and uniqueness, they are more valuable furniture items for the home. The delicate nature of most antiques makes them quite tricky to store safely. You can easily damage your precious items if you don't adhere to proper storage practices for these sensitive items.

Follow these tips to make sure your antique furniture remains in good condition when stored.

The right temperature

Antique furniture tends to be quite sensitive to temperature fluctuations. The wood that is used to design frames of chairs, beds, and other items can become damaged under high heat or freezing conditions.

In addition, the fabrics that are used to line, cover and finish antique furniture can get damaged if the climate is not under control. Make sure the storage unit that you're considering to use is held under reasonable temperature and humidity conditions.

Proper positioning of antique items

When you arrive at the storage unit, there are specific ways in which you can store fragile items to prevent damage. For example, tall items such as mirrors, artwork, and cabinets should be placed in a horizontal manner in the storage unit. They should also be near the ground, but raised from direct contact with the floor. In this way, they are less prone to tipping over and falling.

To prevent the accumulation of dust, upholstered furniture items should be covered with tarp. It is also a good idea to disassemble larger antique items into smaller, more manageable pieces. This not only reduces risk of breakage, but individual parts can be stored with more care.


Due to the delicate nature of antique furniture, these items should be stored in units that are easily accessible. These items are prone to getting damaged during loading/offloading. Therefore, it is important to plan how you will get your items in and out of the storage unit. Removalists are an excellent option for handling sensitive furniture from your home to the storage facility.

If moving by yourself, make sure you use adequate padding and packing supplies to prepare the items for transport. It is preferable to use storage units that are both indoors and on the ground floor as opposed to outside and upper floor units.


While most storage units are typically safe and reliable, it is helpful to obtain insurance for expensive antique furniture. The policy should cover any breakages during movement, or any damage that may occur when the item is under storage. You can get an affordable policy that will cover damage from fire, smoke, and natural disasters.