Moving To A New Home? A Comparative Analysis Of DIY Versus Professional Moving

When moving to a new home, you could be in a dilemma of whether to conduct a self-move or engage the services of a residential removalist. Below is an excerpt comparing these removals options. Hopefully, it ensures that you make an informed decision as you move your home. 

DIY Home Removals

DIY home removals are ideal for people that would want absolute control when moving their homes. For example, it could be that you want your things packed in a certain way. This approach is also ideal for people that are not in a rush to move. However, it has numerous shortcomings. For instance, since you are inexperienced in packing fragile items, they could break during loading or transport. Without removals equipment such as furniture dollies and trollies, you could injure your back and other body parts. 

The best way to go about a DIY removal is hiring specialised removals equipment from a removalist. For instance, you could rent sofa covers, removal blankets, plastic boxes, reinforced wardrobes and lifting straps. You could also hire a removals van that is modified to reduce breaks as you move. It is a sure way to protect your items as you move.    

Hiring A Residential Removalist

It is the easiest way to move your home. Below are several compelling reasons why you should hire a removalist: 

  • Removalists save you the hassle of having to pack and transport your items. All you have to do is move your family to your new home.
  • Most removalists take a removals insurance cover that compensates you for items lost or damaged during the move.
  • Removalists can move your home in a few hours. They have the skill and expertise required to dismantle furniture and pack your items safely.
  • Removalists offer a wide range of removal related services. For example, they can clean your new home and provide temporary storage space.
  • Removalists have cost-friendly packages for the budget customer. For instance, they could offer backloading services if you cannot afford the standard package.
  • Many removalists are available 24/7; therefore you can move your home at any time. 

When hiring a removalist, you should conduct some due diligence to ensure that the professional can offer quality services at an affordable price. For instance, consult with the removalist's customers to determine their reputation. Positive reviews are an indication that you will receive quality services. Additionally, assess the removalist's terms. For instance, you should know their exemptions and the customer obligations. Finally, do not forget to review the pricing. 

Contact a residential removalist to learn more.