Frequently Used Self Storage Units: 3 Tips on How to Organize Your Belongings

It's not unusual for more and more Australians to rent out self storage units. With as many as 1,200 self storage facilities all across the nation, you have a lot of options to choose from. Regardless of which facility you choose to go with, you will only make the best use of the space that you've rented if you know how to organize your belongings. Here are three tips to help you get started.

Use Boxes and Containers of the Same Size

Consistency in the size of the boxes and containers that you use can help you out quite a lot. Same size boxes will make it easier to stack and access your belongings. Put some thought into the what an ideal size might be. While large boxes can fit quite a lot of items, they might waste a lot of space, as you won't be able to make use of all of the space if you are storing heavy items. Larger boxes also might not hold up as well if they are at the bottom of a tall stack.

Keep Items that Will Be Frequently Accessed Near the Front

If you already know that you'll be needing to access your unit frequently and regularly, keep items that will be frequently accessed near the front and other items, like seasonal items, near the back. For example, if you know you'll be grabbing your mountain bike from your unit frequently, keep your mountain bike by the entrance. This way, you won't have to dig through your unit as often to find what you're looking for.

Create a Master Contents List to Keep Track of What You Own

Over time, it's easy to forget about the items that you've stored in your self storage unit. For example, you might forget that you've stored an inflatable pool in the unit if you seldom use it. Keep track of what you own and what you've stored by creating a master contents list. The list should contain all of the items that you've stored in the unit categorized either alphabetically or by type. If you're creating a digital master list, attach photographs with the list.

Speak with a representative at the self storage facility to get some tips on how you can organize your belongings in a self storage unit. They'll give you some good tips on how to make good use of all of the space that you've rented out.