Two Pointers To Consider Before You Store Unused Computer Equipment

The electronic needs of a business increase and decrease depending on the staff levels at a particular point in time. As a business owner with limited office space, it makes sense to place excess computer equipment into storage. Storing unused equipment declutters the look of the office without leaving you exposed to the cost of buying new units when new staff join your firm. Before you begin moving your computer equipment over to a commercial storage facility, make sure you follow these two tips so your computers are in good working order after their time away from the office.

Storage Security

It is always worth giving some thought to the type of security offered by the storage facility you use. It is not difficult to sell stolen computer gear on the black market, so it makes sense to deter thieves by making it difficult to remove your gear.

Hire an indoor storage unit for your computer equipment, one where every visitor has to key in a security code to enter the facility. If this is not an option, choose a facility that has plenty of security cameras and floodlights located on the property as thieves are opportunistic stealers who obviously do not want their identity known.

Storage Climate

Computer equipment and damp climates are not a good combination. Too much humidity in a storage unit means there is a lot of moisture in the air, and this can cause corrosion and other damage to the computer equipment stored in such an environment.

You have two options to combat humidity in a storage unit. If possible, rent a climate-controlled storage unit for the computer equipment. Climate control means that the air is cooled in summer and heated in winter. This controlled temperature reduces humidity in the air and therefore eliminates the excess moisture that causes damage.

If climate control is not available, install a dehumidifier in the unit. You will need access to a power point to run one of these, and you can buy the dehumidifier at your local department store. A dehumidifier unit removes the excess moisture from the air, and stores it in a holding tank in the machine. Dehumidifiers do need to have their collection tanks emptied on a regular basis. This can be every couple of days or once a week depending on the size of the collection tank. However, all the water collected is water that is not seeping into your computer gear. Just make sure your storage facility allows such units to be used and that you're able to regularly check on your dehumidifier and storage contents.

Using these two pointers, you can now pack up your excess computer equipment and send it to storage without worrying about the state of it when it returns.