When to Work With a Full-Service Removals Company

Working with a professional removalist team can take a lot of the stress out of the moving process. But many removals companies offer several service package options and many home owners struggle to determine which option works best for their situation. Below we discuss the two main types of package, full-service and labour-only, and list several situations where full-service is the smarter choice.

Full-Service Versus Labour-Only Removals

As the name suggests, full-service moving includes most steps in the removals process. Namely, full-service movers handle packing, loading, transport and unloading. In some cases, the company may even offer unpacking services.

A labour-only package takes care of the heavy lifting, but requires that you handle all packing and unpacking on your own. Depending on your preferences and arrangement, a labour-only team may transport your belongings to your new home or leave the driving to you and simply provide loading and unloading.

Situations Where Full-Service Is a Wise Choice

Because full-service removal involves a much more complex process, it often costs significantly more than labour-only moving. However, this expense can be well worth it in certain situations, including the following.

Large Moves

If you have a small or average sized move coming up, you may be able to finish packing and handle transport yourself without too much difficulty. The more rooms in your home, however, the longer it will take to pack everything up.

If your move involves a home with four or more bedrooms, you may need professional help to stay on schedule.

Moves With Difficult Schedules

Ideally, your current leasing agreement would end right when your new agreement begins, allowing you to transfer seamlessly from one home to the next. Unfortunately, moving schedules are often complex.

If your leases overlap, your moving day happens in the middle of a busy time period or your job prevents you from dedicating time to moving, consider a full-service removalist.

Short Notice Moves

Moves take a significant amount of planning to carry out on your own or with limited help. If you have to move suddenly due to a new job or family situation, you may feel overwhelmed by everything you have to accomplish.

Hiring full-service removals can help you get out of your current home and into your new one even on short notice. Most packing teams can handle a home within one to two days so you can get on the road.

If you aren't sure which service package works best for your household size, budget and schedule, discuss your options with professionals like Atkins Removals & Storage Pty Ltd.