Why Moving Day Needs to Be Synchronised

Moving day requires a great deal of synchronisation. It's nothing especially complicated, but clearly, some stages of the process can't begin until other stages have been completed. For example, aside from the heaviest items, you need to ensure that everything is properly packed and secured before the moving truck pulls up outside, ready for loading. You also need to ensure that your new home is ready and accessible when your chosen removals company arrives, ready to unload the truck. How can you make sure that moving day is as synchronised as it should be?

Time to Pack

There's no universal rule about how long it takes to pack up a home. It depends on the size of your home, the number of items to be moved and how many boxes these items will fill. Perhaps the only rule is that it will take longer than you might have expected. Start packing the week of your move, prioritising items (with those you'll still need to use left until last). Even then, some homes are more laborious to pack than others. 

Each Home Is Different

If your home has minimal clutter and the majority of your furniture is flat-pack, it will take less time than if you have a lot of fragile decorations and fixtures that require ample preparation time involving bubble wrap and sellotape. Get started early, because this means you won't still frantically be packing on moving day, allowing your possessions to be loaded into the truck as soon as it arrives.

Arriving at Your New Home

There also needs to be synchronisation when it comes to arriving at your new home at the same time as your removals company. It's unlikely to be a major problem when you're only moving across town, but it can be an issue when moving a long distance. It's preferable that you pull up in your car ahead of the moving truck. When it's the opposite case, your removalists will have to wait, meaning moving day will take longer than it had to. Schedule your journey with a view to avoiding disruptions. 

Potential Disruptions on the Road

Avoid rush hour traffic, and this includes public holidays (when a number of people might be leaving town or coming back). Download a traffic app that offers real-time updates. This helps you to avoid traffic jams and road closures and helps you to plot an alternative route if your initial choice proves to be unwise. 

Moving day often presents a few unexpected hurdles, but with some careful planning and synchronisation, you should be able to sidestep these hurdles. Contact a local removalist to get more tips.