Reasons to Use Storage Units for Your Antiques

Many heirlooms are precious and irreplaceable, which means you'll want to protect them against potential damage. If your home isn't suitable for keeping antiques, you may want to consider using a storage unit. In addition to offering extra layers of security, storage units act as great environments for maintaining the condition of antique items.

Storage units benefit from extra security

There are many ways storage facilities can beat your home on the security front. These include:

  • Security cameras that act as a deterrent to potential thieves and monitor the activities of those gaining access to the site.
  • Alarms that are sensitive enough to detect intruders.
  • Fences that are difficult to scale.
  • An onsite security guard who will monitor the activities of those visiting the facilities.

They have the right environment for optimal storage

Many storage units use temperature control to ensure the facilities aren't too hot or too cold. While cooler temperatures have the potential to promote rot and mould, heat leads to materials like wood morphing and becoming deformed. Items such as pictures also benefit from the lack of light entering the units. Sunlight causes veneers to lift from furniture, making items more susceptible to cracking. In addition, it causes artwork and ornate items to fade. As units keep sunlight out, you won't have to worry about such damage.

It's easy to make your items accessible

When you store your items in an attic or basement, dragging them up and down the stairs when you need to access them is less than ideal. Using a ground storage unit allows you to reduce dragging and lifting, which makes performing essential maintenance such as waxing and dusting simpler. You're also less likely to damage these items if you're moving them often. To make life easier, consider requesting a unit you can drive up to. As a result, you can transport the antique with little effort. You may also want to request a space that allows enough room for you to move around so you can enter it to perform maintenance tasks without feeling cramped.

From extra protection to an environment that allows your antiques to retain their present state, storage units come with many benefits. To get more from your experience, make an effort to store all items appropriately. This includes using bubble wrap for mirrors and large pictures, boxes specifically designed for ornate items, and sheets or tarps for upholstered furniture. Finally, although such facilities come with insurance, make sure you retain your own specialist premiums that are unique to the item you're storing.